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Mission and Values

The Graduate School is an outward-facing organization and a central partner across all academic and research units on campus in facilitating and promoting excellence in graduate research and educational experiences; administering efficient, effective policies and procedures; and fostering inclusive and interdisciplinary communities of graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and staff

The Graduate School fosters excellence across the University by providing programs, administrative structure and leadership to ensure quality and integrity in graduate education. Our programs offer financial assistance and support innovative academic opportunities. We view graduate education as a cornerstone, not merely a milestone, of the University’s teaching, research, and service mission, valuing: 

  • Collaboration and partnership with the entire campus community,
  • Inclusive excellence as central to an outstanding educational experience,
  • A culture grounded in accountability, transparency, mutual respect, equal opportunity, advocacy and trust,
  • Clear, consistent policies and processes that strengthen institutional value and quality,
  • Innovation and evidence-based best practices to ensure wise graduate programs and enrollment growth. 


Strategic Priorities (Compass and Sphere of Influence)


  • Establish a Sustainable Framework for Setting Competitive Graduate Student Stipends and Benefits
  • Strengthen Support and Vitality of Student and Post-Doc Communities
  • Establish Effective Advising and Mentoring Resources and Support

  • Enable Scalable and Flexible Paths for Degrees of Practice, Interdisciplinary, and International Degrees
  • Provide Innovative Professional Development Experiences
  • Build Professional Communities and Networks via Alumni, Community, and Employer Engagement Programs to Support Students and Inform Priorities

  • Strengthen and Optimize Effective Campus Partnerships through Collaboration and Organizational Change
  • Enhance Data Analysis Methods and Transparency of Data-Informed Decisions
  • Create a Framework for Collaborative Recruiting and Supporting Strategic Enrollment Management


Cross-Cutting Priorities and Philosophy

  1. Improve Systems, Processes and Awareness to Ensure Effectiveness of and Compliance with Policies and Regulations
  2. Support Our Broadly Diverse Student and Postdoctoral Scholars and Communities
  3. Assure Clarity, Transparency, and Accessibility Regarding Expectations, Obligations, and Costs of Graduate Education
  4. Practice and Support Self-Assessment and Continuous Improvement
  5. Communicate the Value of Graduate Education to Local Communities and Constituents


Presidential Task Force on Graduate Student Support - June 2023

This report is not a consensus report. It captures a variety of perspectives and suggestions to aid in implementing change across the university. It is intended to elevate awareness and provide insights into the challenges faced by graduate students and to provide a menu of options for improved support for this important, growing student population. This document, therefore, is intended to inform the priorities and actions of the colleges, The Graduate School, University Student Apartments, Student Affairs, the Vice President for Research, and the Office of the President. 

Final Summary Report


Last Updated: 6/14/24